The thin membrane that supports the back of the implanted lens following cataract surgery may thicken becoming cloudy with time, resulting in decreased vision. This occurs in approximately 10% of patients following cataract surgery but can be treated by making an opening in the capsule using a YAG laser.

The laser creates an opening in the thickened membrane allowing light to pass through restoring the clarity of vision to what it was initially after cataract surgery.

YAG capsulotomy explained:

A YAG capsulotomy is an outpatient procedure performed in the clinic. Drops are instilled to dilate your pupils and anaesthesise the surface of your eye. The treatment is conducted with the patient sat up using a machine similar to that used to examine your eye in clinic. A contact lens is placed on the eye to focus the laser beam. It is a pain free procedure and patients begin to notice the benefits within 24 hours.